My Digital Game Prototypes

Games I Made During My BSc, Game Jams, and Personal Projects

Capture the Campus


Capture the Campus is a networked multiplayer cartoon 3rd-person arena game set in a college within University of York. Based upon the real-life phenomenon of geese flocking to the centre of campus, this game depicts the feathered-menaces fighting over territory in Langwith College in this cartoon-like shooter. By using water guns and hitting ping pong balls at each other, the player takes the role of a lone goose trying to take the college for their own. Split-screen and network play (with LAN) is available.

This was made as a group project for 2nd year Interactive Media BSc:

  • My role was programmer and project lead. My work involved most of the scripting in C# with Unity for the game mechanics, player movement, combat, and interaction (including online networking). In addition I did the character 3D modelling and rigging.
  • 3D environment modelling by Kenric Yuen, texture design and music by Clarke Travis, and 2D UI design by Jamie Saunders

The networking solution used is Unity's old in-built system, which has now been depreciated. However, this has since been revived with the Mirror API, in which I later used for the prototype of Flux Fighters - my final year project.

Works with up to four PS4 controllers (needs rebinding in the input manager in the launcher). Online multiplayer is disabled in this version due to server costs. To enable LAN multiplayer, press the N key on the main menu and type the local IP of the host to join if on the same network.

If I were to improve this game, I would fix issues with multiple x-input (Xbox) controllers caused by the old Unity input system. In addition, I would increase the amount of content (such as other locales in the university) and more ‘weaponry,’ such as a bow and arrow made from stationary, and a can of pop that acts as a grenade. I would also update the network code to use Mirror.

Download the game here.

Flux Fighters (Work in Progress)

A Basis for an Online Multiplayer Digital Card Game Where Luck & Skill Can Be Altered

This is an interactive prototype in the form of a Unity C# networked multiplayer card game that allows users to alter the luck and skill depending on their player-match-ups or preferences. It was made as an engineering project for my final-year project for my Interactive Media BSc degree.

It aims to help answer the following question: How do luck and skill elements affect a player's satisfaction and ability to compete in a multiplayer game against opponents of varying skill?

It consists of four parts (found HERE): 

  • The initial project proposal
  • A literature review (researching luck, randomness, skill, and strategy in games) and project plan.
  • The prototype.  Currently in the form of a basic Hearthstone/Magic: The Gathering-inspired game.
  • A report on how the prototype I made helps explore the topic and what I discovered during various playtests. This is in addition to technical details on how it was made.
Flux Fighters

This is a work-in-progress project. I am currently adapting it as a basis for a digital mobile version of the Catastrophic card game I co-designed.

However, here are ways I would improve Flux Fighters in its current form if the project were to continue:

  • I believe it is currently fairly content-light due to the focus on the more complex networking systems implemented. Therefore, I would add a larger selection of cards and card-types with novel effects and more skill & luck modifiers to alter gameplay.
  • Following this, I would allow players to create and edit their own decks following the improved card selection, and add more animations and audio to signpost game actions.

More in-depth discussion on this can be found in the report.

Curtain Call

Be the Star and Director of Your Own Stage-Play!

Put your face in the game by using your webcam. Contains a branching narrative. 

(Made in Java with Processing, with animations and visuals created and modified in After Effects and Photoshop): 

Asteroid Assault

Asteroid Assault is a mobile Android ‘bullet-hell’ game prototype made in Unity where the player guides a spaceship through a dangerous region of space filled with asteroids and homing-mines. The game implements Augmented Reality (AR) functionality (using the Vuforia API) in its ship selection screen and uses the accelerometer of the device to control movement.

chrome_2018-06-03_12-47-48 - Copy


A Responsive Website Featuring a JavaScript 2D Space-Shooter Game with Profiles and Leaderboards

The Starfire website aims to provide an arcade-like space-themed shooter experience created in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Player profiles allow users to determine in-game settings such as Name, Ship Name and Ship Type, which affect how their ship looks, and how their scores are recorded on the local top-10 leaderboard

Playable on desktop with keyboard and mouse and Android phone devices with touchscreen controls.

This was made for my Web Application Design & Development module in my Interactive Media BSc course.

See the site and play the game online here!

Download files for the responsive website for desktop/phone here. Includes a design/development report.

Time Squad

Made with Unity C#. Time Squad is a 2D platformer with time-travel mechanics. Collect the time crystal at the end of the level and race your past-self back to your ship! Made for a game jam in 72 hours with Jade Smith contributing the Art.

Available here.

Time Squad

The Secret of Cragmaw Cave

Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Choose Your-Own-Adventure Game Made with Java & Processing

Has branching paths, multiple endings, and fail-states. Includes ‘dice-rolling’ randomised combat, an inventory system and dialogue trees. 

Intro made in After Effects. Some static images not made by me. Made in Java with Processing.

Reindeer Rush

2D Endless Flight Game 

My first game I developed when learning Java. All assets and visuals were drawn by me digitally in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop. Inspired by iCopter and Flappy Bird.