IM Showcase / LUMA Film Festival

The IM Showcase 2018 was a brand-new event organised and run by the Interactive Media BSc students at University of York to share their work created over the year. I was a part of the committee as Co-Leader, and developed the public-facing website for the event and its sister event, the LUMA Film Festival, that ran over the same weekend by the Film & TV students.

Starfire – A Website for a JavaScript 2D Space-Shooter Game with Local Storage, Profiles, and Leaderboards)

The Starfire website aims to provide an arcade-like space-themed shooter experience created in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Player profiles allow users to determine in-game settings such as Name, Ship Name and Ship Type, which affect how their ship looks, and how their scores are recorded on the top-10 leaderboard. This was made for my Web Application Design & Development module in my Interactive Media BSc course.

Download files for the responsive website for desktop/phone here. Includes a design/development report.