Capture the Campus


Capture the Campus is a multiplayer cartoon 3rd-person arena game based in a college within University of York. Based upon the real-life phenomenon of geese flocking to the centre of campus, this game depicts the feathered-menaces fighting over territory in Langwith College in this cartoon-like shooter. By using water guns and hitting ping pong balls at each other, the player takes the role of a lone goose trying to take the college for their own. Split-screen and network play (with LAN) is available. 

Works with up to four PS4 controllers (needs rebinding in the input manager in the launcher). Online multiplayer is disabled in this version due to server costs. To enable LAN multiplayer, press the N key on the main menu and type the local IP of the host to join if on the same network.

Scripting in C# with Unity for the game mechanics, player movement, combat, and interaction. Character 3D modelling and rigging – Matthew Shepherd
3D Modelling in Blender for environment – Kenric Yuen
2D environment design – Clarke Travis
UI and menu scripting – Jamie Saunders

See the client manual made as part of my university assessment here. Includes asset sources

This is still a work in progress. We have had issues with multiple x-input (Xbox) controllers, and intend to add more content, such as other locales in the university, and more ‘weaponry,’ such as a bow and arrow made from stationary, and a can of pop that acts as a grenade.

Download the game here.

Curtain Call

A game where you can be the star and director of your own stage play (by using your webcam to super-impose your image. Branching narrative). (Made in Java with Processing, with animations and visuals created and/or modified in After Effects and Photoshop):


Merlin’s Trial (WIP)

Work in progress.  Made in Unity, scripting in C#. Includes RPG systems including first-person combat and inventory and equipment. Enemy AI to complement the stealth mechanics is implemented.

This is the prototype I created for an assessment at University. This version can be found here, with design logbook report detailing the creation and features. In addition, here is the unity project file.

I am currently reworking this prototype to be a 3rd person D&D inspired dungeon crawler, with a interweaving narrative structure that tells the tale of an adventuring party from each member’s perspective.


Time Squad (Game Jam Entry – GamesPlusJam)

Collect time crystals and chase your past-self back to your ship to survive!
Available here.
Made for GamesPlusJam – February 16th – 19th 2018 
C# Scripting and work in Unity Editor by myself.
Art by Jade Smith.

Secret of Cragmaw Cave

A D&D-inspired branching path choose your-own-adventure game with multiple endings and fail-states. Includes ‘die-rolling’ randomised combat, an inventory system and dialogue trees. (Intro made in after effects. Some static images not made by me. Made in Java with Processing)


Reindeer Rush

My first game I developed when learning Java. All assets and visuals were drawn by me digitally in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop. Inspired by iCopter and Flappy Bird.