I am a second year Interactive Media undergraduate.

Web Development

See my websites showcasing my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills. 

I aim to recreate this portfolio using the skills I have learned in the development of these projects.

Game Development

A current focus of mine is game development. Using Unity, programming in C# and Java, I have created various demonstrations and proof-of-concepts both in and outside of my degree.

Have a look at my games here.

Graphic Design and Visual Effects

I am passionate about designing aesthetically pleasing graphics and visual effects for video using my skills in After Effects and Photoshop.

Check out some of my work here.

Video Production

The reason I began my journey creating digital media is my passion for film. In my early teen years I found my most rewarding creative outlet to be writing, directing, and editing my own short films for YouTube. To this day, any chance to get behind a camera or in front of a computer for editing is incredibly exciting.

To see some of my video production work, click here.